Corey and Malory Conners Family Fund

Corey and Malory Conners Family Fund
January 28, 2021 Roxy Rae

Corey and Malory Conners
Family Fund

Supporting sport, recreation and educational programs for kids and youth in Listowel

Canada’s new pro-golf superstar Corey Conners and his wife Malory have donated their 2019 PGA “Birdies Fore Love” winnings to help kids in their beloved hometown of Listowel.

Corey and Malory Conners are living a bit of a dream these days.

In 2019 Corey became the first Canadian ever to win the Valero Texas Open, a prestigious tournament on the PGA Tour with roots reaching back to 1922. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of international travel and tournaments, with Corey climbing quietly and steadily up the ranks as one of the sport’s very best.

Along the way he took part in a charity event called Birdies Fore Love, in which players compete for prize money which is then donated to a charity of that player’s choice. Corey knew right away he wanted to direct his giving to kids and youth in the town that gave him so much while he was growing up.

Both Corey and Malory grew up in Listowel in loving and supportive families, and both know how lucky they were. Corey played hockey in the winter with his buddies, and golf in the summer with his dad and other relatives. Malory swam as much as she could, and worked summers as a lifeguard at the local pool.

Says Malory, who later trained as an elementary teacher, “Those summers at the pool, along with my teaching experience, showed me that not every child had access to the opportunities I’d had.”

Adds Corey, “We’ve always been grateful for what we had growing up. It’s wonderful that we can now help other kids have those same advantages.”

The Conners’ gift will support both their own fund as well as the previously established North Perth Sports for Kids Fund. This generosity will make sure today’s kids can access their favourite sport and education programs, no matter what their financial situation.

Thank you, Corey and Malory!

PDF of the Corey and Malory Conners Family Fund

“I was really lucky. My parents were able to enroll me in sports, drive me everywhere, support my dreams. I want other kids to have those same opportunities – not to be held back by financial restrictions or lack of programming.”

~ Corey Conners, fund holder and professional golfer