Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Stratford Perth Community Foundation is committed to protecting your privacy, as well as the privacy of relationships with all stakeholders including donors, fund holders, applicants, volunteers and employees.

We treat your personal information with the care, security and respect you deserve. We take every step possible to ensure the confidentiality of the information you entrust to us. All Stratford Perth Community Foundation employees and volunteers are bound by this Privacy Policy.

The personal information you provide is used to help us:

    • process and receipt your donations
    • contact you as we solicit/raise funds and Foundation donations
    • respond to your information requests
    • register your participation at a meeting or other event

Since Foundation donations are stimulated by community leadership, we will recognize your donation by name in our annual Community Report, under amount categories. You may tell us to treat your donation as anonymous. Your choice to be an anonymous donor will limit identification of your name to Stratford Perth Community Foundation employees and Board members, all of whom are required to respect your request for anonymity.

The Stratford Perth Community Foundation website collects no personal information and does not use cookies.

Upon your request we will stop or limit solicitations to you.

You have the right to examine your personal information, held by us, and to correct it at any time. If you have any questions about protecting your personal information or our Privacy Policy or wish to bring any personal information privacy issues to our attention, please contact the Stratford Perth Community Foundation’s Executive Director. The Executive Director will help develop a resolution for you. If a resolution cannot be found, you may appeal to the Stratford Perth Community Foundation Privacy Officer (Secretary of the Board of Directors) to deal with and resolve your concern.

From time to time we may add, change, or remove portions of this Privacy Policy when we feel it is appropriate to do so. Whenever we update this Policy we will change the date and the version number on the Policy to indicate when the changes were made.

As a stakeholder, we request that you review this Privacy Policy. Your consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy, as outlined above, is implied if you do not communicate with us to the contrary.