About Community Foundations of Canada

About Community Foundations of Canada

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Community Foundations of Canada is the national membership organization for Canada’s Community Foundations.

We are the Canadian movement for community vitality, represented by over 200 members from coast to coast. CFC was established in 1992 to connect and support this growing network of local foundations.

To build stronger communities by enhancing the philanthropic leadership of community foundations.

Strategic Goals
• To support established and developing community foundations in their endowment building and donor services, grantmaking and community leadership, and as accountable stewards of community assets
• To promote and advance philanthropy and community foundations
• To model philanthropic leadership in Canada and internationally

Community Foundations of Cananda are committed to:
• Philanthropy, especially through community foundations, as a powerful catalyst for strengthening communities in Canada and around the world
• Visionary leadership that welcomes innovative approaches, builds on strengths, models inclusiveness and takes appropriate risks
• Collaborative relationships – among members, volunteers, staff and other organizations – that respect independence and diversity, and that foster dialogue and sharing of ideas and experiences
• Open and accountable practices that reflect the highest possible standards of performance as a membership association and as a leader in promoting philanthropy.