2017 Stratford Perth Donor Survey – Capturing a Snapshot of Philanthropy in our Community

2017 Stratford Perth Donor Survey – Capturing a Snapshot of Philanthropy in our Community
April 24, 2017 stratford.perth.admin

Click HERE to read the 2017 Stratford Perth Donor Survey.

Stratford Perth Donor Survey Methodology:
The Stratford Perth Community Foundation (SPCF) has partnered with the University of Waterloo Community, Health, Environment, Communications (CHEC) Initiative to create and disseminate a survey that collects pertinent donor demographic information in order to capture a snapshot of philanthropy in Stratford, St. Marys and Perth County. The data will help charities and not-for-profit organizations better understand and serve their communities.

The following organizations are also participating in the donor demographic survey research: United Way Perth-Huron, Stratford Festival, Stratford General Hospital Foundation, Stratford-Perth Humane Society, and the Stratford-Perth Family YMCA. Participation from these organizations provides the basis for a well-rounded understanding of the donor base in the region.

The survey was distributed online via SurveyMonkey. All participating organizations had access to the same SurveyMonkey link in order to distribute the survey to their respective stakeholders. The SurveyMonkey link was also made available to the general public through public relations and social media. A request will be made to share the link on Stratford, St. Marys and Perth County municipal websites.

Respondents’ answers were kept anonymous and confidential. CHEC Initiative monitored the SurveyMonkey data collection process. CHEC analyzed the data and removed any data deemed confidential. All participating organizations received a complete summary of the sanitized data. In addition, a comprehensive summary report of the sanitized data is now available to the general public.

CHEC provided each participating organization with a tailored report, including pertinent data from open-ended questions, to the associated organization in order to enable the organizations to respond to their respective stakeholder concerns. CHEC removed any personal information prior to distributing these tailored reports. The participating organizations have signed a confidentiality agreement in order to maintain the confidentiality of tailored data.

Once the data had been collected, the SurveyMonkey link and account was deleted. All sanitized data will be stored indefinitely by the SPCF in a secure location, and the participating organizations will have access to the sanitized data indefinitely.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Stratford Perth Donor Survey can be found HERE. If you have any further questions, please contact Tracy Van Kalsbeek at 519-271-1503 or tracy@spccf.ca