Wightman Family Fund to support youth hockey

Wightman Family Fund to support youth hockey
November 19, 2020 Roxy Rae

Wightman establishes endowment fund
to support youth hockey in Stratford and Listowel

STRATFORD, ON, November 19, 2020 – The Wightman family and Wightman Telecom Ltd. are known for their unwavering commitment to the communities where they operate, supporting local and grass roots community initiatives. We are thrilled to announce Wightman has chosen to work closely with the Stratford Perth Community Foundation to establish the Wightman Family Fund, a sustainable giving strategy that will align with their community priorities.

As an endowed fund and community legacy for youth hockey, investment earnings from the Wightman Family Fund will provide annual designated grants to support youth hockey initiatives with the Listowel Minor Hockey Association and the Stratford Rotary Hockey League. These grants will be unrestricted supporting program priorities where the funds are needed most each year – and for always.

“At Wightman, supporting the communities where our customers are has always been a priority. We know how important sport can be in developing lasting relationships and building confidence in young people,” says Rob Figliuzzi, President and CEO of Wightman. “This year has shown us that we need to be flexible and can’t always predict how our community will need us. That’s why creating this fund with the Community Foundation and allowing the leagues to spend the grants where they need it most is the best way, we can support our local hockey leagues today, tomorrow and forever.”

“It has been a privilege for our team to work with Wightman to identify the best way to fulfill their goal of supporting youth hockey in Listowel and Stratford,” says Heidi Culliton, Executive Director of the Community Foundation. “Wightman has been a tremendous supporter of local organizations, big and small, in Stratford and Listowel. Establishing the Wightman Family Fund is a community legacy that will exist for generations. We are honoured to be a partner in philanthropy for the Wightman family and Wightman Telecom Ltd.”

The Wightman Family Fund is open to public donations. Donations can be made to the Fund by clicking HERE and selecting the Fund from the list.