Tobin and Erin Schlegel Family Fund

Tobin and Erin Schlegel Family Fund
March 11, 2021 Roxy Rae

Tobin and Erin Schlegel Family Fund

Giving in our own backyard

Tobin Schlegel is a proud farmer – the sixth generation of his family to operate his home farm, located just east of Tavistock. He also comes from a family with a long history of philanthropy and giving back to its community.

Tobin says he and his wife, Erin, had already been actively supporting several charities, including an organization providing micro loans in developing nations. But they wanted to do something local, too. Something that would allow them to celebrate the ties they had to a
community they loved.

“We knew our region Stratford had a lot of diverse needs, and wanted our giving to go where it was needed the most,” says Erin. An unrestricted fund was the perfect choice. This sort of fund gives the  Foundation flexibility to direct fund proceeds to wherever they are needed most
in any given year.

“We wanted to give without tying the hands of the organization, and we have confidence in the Foundation’s management. We’re happy to invest in our community through them,” says Tobin.

PDF of the Tobin and Erin Schlegel Family Fund

“Showing our kids the importance of giving back is a real priority for us. Establishing a fund that lets the Community Foundation do its best work is a great way to do this.”

~ Tobin Schlegel, fund holder