Middle Maitland Restoration Fund

Middle Maitland Restoration Fund
April 23, 2019 Roxy Rae

Middle Maitland Restoration Fund

A designated fund to help restore the Middle Maitland River.

Tim MacDonald grew up in Listowel and has worked there since 1988. He’s also a keen outdoorsman, so it seemed natural for him to volunteer with the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA), which looks after the Maitland River system.

Through this work, Tim became aware of how nutrient runoff and storm erosion has led to a real decline in water quality in the river that runs through his boyhood town. Happily, he also learned the MVCA has a well-developed plan to restore the river to full life. What they didn’t have was a stable source of funding to get the project up to full speed.

Tim has generously established a new fund to provide this capital, and would like nothing better than to have you join him in supporting it. His ultimate dream is to grow the fund to $1M. What a wonderful gesture. Tim, we can’t thank you enough for your continuing generosity, your long years of service to the Foundation, and your ongoing commitment to our work.

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PDF of the Middle Maitland Restoration Fund

“If the Middle Maitland is to be restored, we need to start at the source. Planting trees, shrubs and native perennials along the river will support restoration of the entire system.”

~ Tim MacDonald, fund holder