Smart & Caring Community Grants

Smart & Caring Community Grant Program

Applications now closed. 

Smart & Caring Communities is a landmark effort that brings together community foundations from across Canada in response to the Former Governor General, David Johnston’s challenge to build a ‘smart and caring nation’ in celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial.

SPCF’s Smart & Caring Community Grants (regional grants) are available for the six regions of the Stratford Perth Community Foundation’s geographic footprint – Stratford, St. Marys, North Perth, Perth East, Perth South and West Perth.

These regional Smart & Caring Community Funds are designed to meet our region’s most pressing needs. Recently the City of Stratford, Town of St. Marys, Municipality of North Perth, Municipality of West Perth, Township of Perth East, and Township of Perth South collaborated on the Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) Plan and identified four priority areas for our region to address to work towards sustainable communities where everyone feels safe and has a sense of belonging.

  • Priority Area #1 Systems Planning and Integration
  • Priority Area #2 Adequate, Affordable and Attainable Housing
  • Priority Area #3 Affordable and Accessible Health, Social and Recreation Services
  • Priority Area #4 Social Inclusion

Of the four priority areas, our 2021 Smart & Caring Community Grants will focus on Priority Area #4: Social Inclusion. This priority aligns strongly with our organization’s goal to help build communities that are diverse, inclusive, and where everyone belongs.

Grants are available for programs and projects that address this priority for every region we serve. The individual grants listed below are based on the size and investment earnings of each regional endowed fund.

2021 Smart & Caring Community Grants Available by Region:

  • North Perth: $3,500 grant
  • Perth East: $2,500 grant
  • Perth South: $2,500 grant
  • West Perth: $2,500 grant
  • St. Marys: $2,500 grant
  • Stratford: $8,500 grant

NOTE: The Smart & Caring Community Grant Program is a separate funding stream from our Community Grant Program. If you have received a 2021 Community Grant from the Foundation, you are eligible to apply for the Smart & Caring Community Grant Program.

Smart And Caring SPCF

2021 Smart & Caring Community Grant Program Timeline

  • November 8: Application opens
  • November 18: Grant Information Sessions (online, registration required)
  • November 26: Application closes at 3:00PM sharp
  • November 29-December 17: Applications reviewed and grant recipients selected
  • December 20-31: Decisions communicated to applicants and grants awarded


Eligibility Guidelines

To be eligible to apply for a Smart & Caring Community Grant from the Community Foundation, the applicant must: 

  • Be registered as a charity with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for at least one (1) year and have filed at least one (1) T3010 with CRA, or be sponsored by same (qualified donee)
  • Provide services for or within Perth County, Stratford and/or St. Marys
  • The program/project seeking funding enhances a sense of community belonging by promoting an understanding of diverse groups by addressing the goals within Priority Area # 4 Social Inclusion (See CSWB Plan, Priority Area #4: Social Inclusion)

Projects not eligible for grants from the Community Foundation include:

  • Endowment campaigns
  • Programs that are mandated by another funder
  • Programs that have direct religious or political activity
  • Deficit reduction, debt retirement, reserves, mortgage pay-down
  • Expenses incurred prior to awarding the grant
  • Individuals

All grant applications are reviewed by the Foundation’s Grant Advisory Committee with final approval by the Board of Directors. All decisions are final. The Community Foundation reserves the right to extend the deadline dates at any time.