Recognition & Reporting

Recognition & Reporting

Congratulations on receiving a community grant. We are pleased to be able to assist you with funding your project!
Our ability to fund future projects for you and other organizations depends on you! We ask for your assistance with the following:

1. Final Report
We request that you complete and submit the Final Report within one month of completing your program/project as outlined in your grant application. Please attach a detailed final project budget along with other supporting documents.

The Final Report form can be accessed in the Grant Portal.

2. Acknowledging the Community Foundation
Please use every opportunity to acknowledge the grant your organization received from the Stratford Perth Community Foundation (SPCF). This helps us raise awareness about the benefits of having a Community Foundation serve Stratford, St. Marys and Perth County. By raising awareness about the SPCF, you could help us increase the amount of support we receive to assist in funding the important charitable work you do. We ask that you:

  • Place the SPCF’s name and logo on your website, annual report, and other materials – as communicated in your application
  • Acknowledge the specific named fund and the SPCF on materials referring to or resulting from your project. E.g. “Supported by a grant from the XXXX Fund, held within the Stratford Perth Community Foundation”
  • Send out a press release about your project to local media, mentioning the SPCF as a funder
  • Provide the SPCF with organizational and client testimonials that are related to the project
  • Provide the SPCF with photos and/or videos of your project accompanied by a signed media release

LOGO APPROVAL: The SPCF logo, press releases and recognition of named funds must be approved prior to use on any and all marketing, communication and PR materials.

3. Important! 
Please do not provide a charitable tax receipt for your grant. This is not required when funds flow from one charitable organization to another. A letter of thanks is always appreciated. We will ensure the appropriate fund holder(s) receives a copy of your gratitude.

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