Grant Stories

Dear Stratford Perth Community Foundation: I would like to say a big THANK YOU for your donation of money towards books for boys at Wallace Public School, with the books eventually going to the new school that wil be built in North Perth. I must admit I wrote the grant applications for all our children but I also hoped it would help my son. He is in Grade 7 and his favourite “subject” is “recess”. I adore reading and have tried everything to encourage him to read. However, he was very reluctant to move beyond graphic novels. Imagine my complete and utter delight when a teacher pulled me aside and whispered, “Your son was walking and reading a thick book in the hall.” You can also imagine my deep joy that his last report indicated he is actually reading his book club books and enjoying them. These were all books that your grant bought. So thank you for your support for that grant as well as a new SMART Board for the anticipated new school. Our children of North Perth are very fortunate to benefit from your generosity. Thank you again.

~ Parent Volunteer, Wallace Public School