Smart & Caring Community Funds

Every one of us is a product of our community. The communities we call home help make us who we are. Every community is the sum of the people who live within it – a unique mix of personalities, cultures and interests. The causes we care about, the time we invest, the people we bring together – they all shape our communities.

Anyone can give to these funds – $10, $100, $10,000 and the donations raised in each community stay in that community.

The Stratford Perth Community Foundation is building Smart & Caring Community Funds in each of our six municipalities. In 2015, Smart & Caring Community Funds were established in Stratford and North Perth. In 2016, Perth South and St. Marys launched their own Smart & Caring Community Funds with Perth East and West Perth following in 2017. Each Smart & Caring Community Fund is a sustainable funding resource that responds to the ever-changing needs of its community.
Help us make your Community Smart & Caring.

Help Build a Smart & Caring Nation, One Community at a Time.
There are many ways you can leave an impact in the community you call home. Below are a few options.

  1. Donate Now

    Stratford Smart & Caring Community Fund 
    St. Marys Smart & Caring Community Fund
    North Perth Smart & Caring Community Fund
    Perth East Smart & Caring Community Fund
    Perth South Smart & Caring Community Fund
    West Perth Smart & Caring Community Fund 

  2. Create a campaign to rally your friends, co-workers and community around a Smart & Caring Community Fund that will be here for your community, forever.
  3. Leave your legacy with your community by naming the a Smart & Caring Community Fund in your will.

All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt.
For more information on Smart & Caring Community Funds, please contact Roxy at or 519-271-1503

Stratford Perth Caring Communities

The Stratford Perth Community Foundation is one of the over 191 Community Foundations across Canada dedicated to facilitating philanthropy at the local level. This video shares the story of just a few of Perth County’s caring citizens committed to strengthening community vitality through philanthropy — now and for generations to come.

Smart & Caring Communities

As patron of Community Foundations of Canada, the Governor General of Canada has asked community foundations to join his call to all Canadians to build a ‘smart and caring nation’ leading up to 2017. His vision inspired and motivated our movement and Smart & Caring Communities is our response.

“Join me in imagining our country as it could be…a smart and caring nation, where all Canadians can succeed, contribute, and develop their talents to their fullest potential.”
Former Governor General of Canada, David Johnston

Smart & Caring Communities is a landmark effort that brings our movement together around two goals: first, to ensure that every community has access to a community foundation by 2017 and second, that communities across the country have access to dedicated resources through Smart & Caring Community Funds established specifically to respond to local priorities.