Emergency Community Support Fund

Stratford Perth Community Foundation Emergency Community Support Fund Applications Now Closed  

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unpredictable and challenging time for many, with some communities experiencing higher levels of vulnerability than others. Marginalized groups, youth, children and the elderly, essential workers, and newcomers are just some of the communities that have faced increased challenges. To provide emergency relief, the Government of Canada launched the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) to help support communities made increasingly vulnerable by the pandemic. 

With COVID-19 cases increasing in many communities, and a continuous call for emergency relief, the ECSF reopened with a second round of funding, providing much-needed assistance to charities and non-profit organizations serving communities experiencing vulnerability. 

Applications for this second round of ECSF funding closed on October 30, 2020. You may view the list of projects being funded from Round 1 and the community foundations across Canada who participated in ECSF. Round 2 results will be published in January 2021.  

The Emergency Community Support Fund

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