Conservation in many forms

Conservation in many forms
April 13, 2016 stratford.perth.admin

Today’s natural riches are our gift to future generations, and it is our responsibility to respect and nurture them so that their beauty and environmental value is maintained.
Several funds held within the Stratford Perth Community Foundation seek to protect our natural resources for future generations. Among these, the Donald McTavish Conservation Fund and the Meulensteen Tire Environment Fund were both recently called upon to support local forestry initiatives that are leaving a visible impact on the region.

The Fryfogel Arboretum comprises five acres of property adjacent to the historic Fryfogel Tavern in Shakespeare. The Arboretum is an ongoing effort by the Perth County Historical Foundation (PCHF) to plant and preserve Ontario’s indigenous trees and shrubs. With a mandate that seeks to engage, educate and enrich its visitors so that they may become better stewards of nature and the environment, the objective of the Arboretum is to leave a perpetual gift for future generations.

An investment by the Stratford Perth Community Foundation has helped the PCHF invest in large species plantings to provide an immediate draw for visitors. Over time, the Arboretum will continue to be developed with less mature indigenious trees and shrubs that will grow to their full beauty as they age.
As with the PCHF’s commitment to invest in trees and natural vegetation, the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) in North Perth also required tree plantings to rejuvenate a series of storm water management ponds in Listowel. Trees and shrubs purchased through grant support were planted by volunteers, students of Listowel District Secondary and the Middle Maitland Rejuvenation Committee.
By investing in environmental projects that have immediate and lasting impact, the Stratford Perth Community Foundation is focused on providing support to local organizations committed to greening our future. The commitment of both the PCHF and the MVCA to protecting our rich natural history will no doubt prove a gift for generations to come.

MM SWP Planting 20-04-13


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  • Conservation In Many Forms

    Conservation in many forms



The Stratford Perth Community Foundation enriches the lives of people in Perth County by providing support to charitable organizations through grants made possible by responsible stewardship of endowment funds.