Carnegie Family Fund

Carnegie Family Fund
July 6, 2017 stratford.perth.admin

Carnegie Family Fund

Supporting the Town of Listowel, while honouring a beloved husband and father.

Dale Carnegie (nee Cunningham) met husband-to-be Stephen Carnegie in Walkerton, where they both attended the old Walkerton District Secondary School. But they decided to settle in Listowel once they married, and Dale says it was one of the best decisions they ever made.

“It was such a wonderful place to raise a family,” says Dale today. “A really warm, friendly town, and so many activities for our boys. We all loved it.”

Dale had trained as a teacher in nearby Stratford, and taught elementary school before sons Geoff and George were born. Steve spent his entire career as an accountant with the local firm now called Ward & Uptigrove Chartered Professional Accountants.

Early family life was busy and happy, with Geoff and George involved with both the Boy Scouts and many community sports, particularly hockey. Steve coached sports and volunteered with the Listowel Kinsmen Club, while Dale volunteered with many church and community organizations.

When Steve passed away suddenly in 1987, Dale was left to raise two young teens on her own. She says her strong community ties were a great help, and is proud of the fine young men her sons have become.

Dale returned to her volunteer work once the boys were settled, and particularly enjoyed a stint with the Ontario Trillium Foundation. It was after this she was first approached by a Community Foundation volunteer, who thought Dale would be a wonderful asset to the Foundation board. After some thought, she agreed, and served on the Foundation board for several years.

“Back then, Tim MacDonald was Chair, and I had taught him in grade three,” she laughs. “But I was so impressed with the way he handled those meetings. I can’t give him enough praise for getting the Foundation off the ground in its early years.”

After seeing how a community foundation could help a community forever, Dale and her sons decided to make a gift in honour of Steve. The Carnegie Family Fund, established in 2009, now supports programs and projects in the town of Listowel that enhance the community and its residents.

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“We’ve always believed in helping out and giving back, and this is even better. It’s a way to give back forever.”

~ Dale Carnegie, fund holder