Professional Advisor Resources

How to Start the Discussion
One of the simplest and most important things you can do to help your clients enjoy the benefits of charitable giving is to ask them the giving question: “Are there any charitable or community needs you would like to consider?”
We share the reasons why asking the giving question of your clients is so important. Why ask. Whom to ask. When to ask.

Ways to Talk About Giving
We have talked about why you should introduce charitable giving into your conversations with clients, but how can you make this conversation a comfortable one?
We share tips on introducing the topic of charitable giving.

The Life Stages of Giving
Moving through life, your clients’ lifestyles and financial circumstances change. And so do the ways they might choose to support their favourite charities, not-for-profit organizations and communities.

A client’s age is the single most important piece of information to obtain before making initial contact.

People make different kinds of gifts at different times in life. Below is a summary of appropriate charitable gift options by age.

Research on Chariltable Giving in Canada
As a professional advisor, you may question the value of adding charitable giving to your practice. We hope the resources on this site, coupled with the personal stories of advisors whose practice has been expanded and enriched by raising the issue of giving, will help make the case.