A “Living Room” for the YMCA

A “Living Room” for the YMCA
April 13, 2016 stratford.perth.admin

The Stratford-Perth Family YMCA is committed to a vision that balances Mind, Body and Spirit, and is proud that the city’s YMCA Youth Centre (the Centre) is focused on strengthening local youth in each of these key areas.

Already building upon the life-changing social, physical, and emotional programs for the youth that come to the Centre, Mimi Price, CEO of the Stratford-Perth Family YMCA knew that more could be done. Her team envisioned a program that engaged local youth in a safe and open dialogue which promised active listening, and where appropriate, tangible support.

The “Living Room” concept seeks to provide a safe, comfortable environment of non-judgmental dialogue and help. Offered in series of six monthly Saturday/Sunday workshops, the program addresses emotional, mental health and wellness issues that are relevant to Stratford-area youth. The goal of the Living Room is to create a meaningful dialogue and provide concrete tips and strategies around issues impacting teenagers’ emotional and mental health.

The Community Foundation was a logical partner as they envisioned a model where the community cares for its own. The YMCA received a grant from the Mathieson Family Fund, a fund within the Stratford Perth Community Foundation, to purchase program materials, offer speaker honorariums, and provide food and drink for youth who participate in the sessions.

Since its spring inception, youth from across Stratford have benefited from personal engagement and support. Each session focuses on a specific theme of interest to the participants, and the staff that deliver the program are committed to the active engagement of all.

A balance of Mind, Body and Spirit create the conditions of future success, and the Stratford-Perth Family YMCA is excited about this new program that deals head-on with the issues facing Stratford’s vital youth.

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